West Greenland

IMGP0422The West Greenland model is based on a museum survey of paddles collected from West Greenland.  This photo shows the difference in width profile from a standard paddle on the left to a W Greenland on the right.  The width taper is narrower toward the loom.  This minimizes anomalies in shape from the upper part of the loom.  It also slightly reduces the amount of power in a forward stroke.

IMGP0437It’s hard to get a good photo of the thickness taper difference.  Again the W Greenland paddle is on the right.  The thickness at the tip is carried further up the loom than a standard paddle.  This significantly reduces the drag on the blade, making these paddles very quiet and responsive in sculling or ruddering strokes. It also makes them too flexible if made from cedar, so we use Spruce or Fir.

WGreenlandGaryP2 Here is another view, photo by Gary Pensington.  This paddle has shoulders that are a little larger than my standard ones.  The larger shoulders are common on the museum survey paddles.