About the Paddles

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Inuit developed these paddles over hundreds of years of use by cultures that depended on the kayak for thier food and transportation.  Today, more and more kayakers are re-discovering the benefits of the Greenland style paddles.


The long and slender blades provide excellent lift for sculling and bracing.   They are also  easier on joints and muscles with extended use.   The blades are symmetrical and non-feathered, eliminating indexing for roll setup.   They are very versatile paddles.   Wood is a natural material that feels warm in the hands and gives a good grip on the paddle.


Regardless of whether it’s laminated or solid, each has its own unique feel. Solid paddles are carved from one single piece of western red cedar, hand selected for its beauty and its grain orientation. Each Solid Paddle has many different characteristics. As no wood is the same, no paddle is the same. We are not a mechanized production oriented business.  Each paddle is built by Don Beale.  Custom sizing is standard, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.