Solid paddle, western red cedar:  $270 including freight to the continental US.



Laminated paddle, 9 layers with hardwood edges and epoxy tips:  $425, including freight to the continental US.



West Greenland Paddle, solid spruce or fir:  $350, including freight to the continental US.



Norsaq rolling stick, fir or cedar:  $45 including freight to the continental US.

To order, email Don at  We will need to know the overall length, blade width, and loom length along with the model and any options.  Lead time is normally 3 weeks on a solid paddle and 4 weeks on a laminated.


The legal stuff:

Warning – Kayaking can be an enjoyable pastime, however it does carry with it inherent risks. Professional instruction, wearing immersion protection clothing and PFD, and practice in self and assisted rescues will help to minimize the risk.  However, it cannot be eliminated. By using a Beale paddle, the user acknowledges said risk and releases Beale Paddles, and its agents, from any and all liability.


Beale Paddles are handcrafted locally in northwest Oregon, using locally available materials. Warranty is on materials and workmanship, for one year from the shipping date. This is limited to replacement of the paddle only. It is advised to always carry a spare paddle.