About Us

Home-box-leftDon Beale Paddles is…  Myself, and a few friends.  I started by carving paddles for myself, in 1999.  It took nine paddles to get one I liked.  The first paddle sold in 2002, and Beale Paddles was born.   In 2015, paddle #700 was carved.  When you order a paddle from me, all the experience of over 700 happy customers is put into your paddle.

I am a kayaking instructor as well,  first certifying at ACA Basic Coastal level in 2003.  Every year I dedicate some time and funds to professional training.  Currently I am an ACA level 5 instructor, and BCU 4-star sea leader trained,   teaching for the Oregon Ocean Paddling Society, SSTIKS (South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayak Symposium), and other Greenland events in the US and abroad.